CBL-1280 / CBL-2560

  • Expandable up to 1280 or 2560 channels
  • Desktop-mount solution with integrated PC

Operator’s guide during assembly: graphic indication of the start/end of the cable to be inserted and seaming to be carried out on the head/tail, wire color, section and length.


  • Possibility to check for short circuits, interruptions and wires in an incorrect position through single tests or continuous tests
  • Continuity Threshold and programmable insulation from 50 Ω to 100 kΩ
  • Self-learning of the wiring for quick programming with the possibility of multiple configurations for the same wiring if there are rotary switches, selectors, or other devices
  • Provision of multiple operators or multiple testing interfaces
  • Intuitive and immediate error display
  • Unlimited self-learning storage also carried out on central servers
  • Report management for archiving or printing
  • Management of label printers
  • Management of operators with level passwords, work shifts, serial numbers, and bar-codes
  • Export of test data to central databases
  • Remote programming and support


Label printer

Channel search probe

Barcode scanner