With its cornerstone departments “Electronics” “Development” and “Technology” EST-NG s.r.l. is the ideal partner for the resolution of any industrial manufacturing challenge.


The Company’s team of engineers and contractors has as its main goal client support in every stage of development and for any production need.

About us

EST-NG s.r.l. is a company founded in 2014 from the vision of the sole shareholder Mr. Andrea Arcangeli, P.Eng., to create a company focused on research and development while expanding the previous work experience acquired in the design of ATE testing systems through the development of new technologies combined with industry knowledge, know-how and well established professional relationships.
Currently, the products offered in the industrial and testing sectors range from wiring systems to functional tests, from In-Circuits to electrical safety, to automation and machine vision.

With twenty years of experience in the industrial sector and a wide client base combined with Mr. Andrea Arcangeli’s undisputed knowledge and professionalism in the engineering field , EST-NG s.r.l. entered the market with confidence, focusing on the one hand on technological artisan products, that is products developed by small businesses managed by technicians and engineers with their sight aimed at the future, and on the other hand addressing multinational corporations for which EST-NG s.r.l. worked for years and that maintained their trust in the Company and its owner.

Our services

EST-NG offers a wide variety of support services and customer assistance options to help clients in their choices and guarantee fast and effective solutions to any need, doubt or issue.