SmartICT Consolle

  • Console system on wheels with built-in contact mechanics

  • MEC3 manual contact system with useful area of 400mm x 230mm

  • Scanner test-point expandable to module 32. Maximum number of test points: 1280.

  • Interface with the main processor and memory programmers

  • Measurement of short circuits, interruptions, resistances, capacitances, inductances, diodes, zener diodes, transient, mosfet, pin welds, operational amplifiers, relays, opt isolators

  • Possibility of programming complex test sequences through an integrated Horus development environment

  • Intuitive and immediate error display

  • Unlimited storage of test sequences even on a central server

  • Management of reports for archiving or printing and interfacing with complex databases

  • Management of label and certificate printers

  • Management of operators with level passwords, work shifts, serial numbers, and bar-codes

  • Remote support

  • Possibility of remote control, monitoring and driving through custom-made web interfaces