This line is designed to perform functional testing sequentially to the In-Circuit testing in a single test flow.

  • 37 UE tower system on wheels with built-in contact mechanics suitable for ICT/Boudary/FNC tests. Designed according to the client’s needs.
  • Test-point scanner expandable to module 32 on 6UE rack drawers (each drawer contains a maximum of 640 channels).

  • Interface with the main processor and memory programmers
  • Measurement of short circuits, interruptions, resistances, capacitances, inductances, diodes, zener diodes, transient, mosfet, pin welds, operational amplifiers, relays, and opt isolators

  • It includes FNC instruments such as: Counter/frequency meter, 16bit floating Voltmeter with the following programmable full scales: 100mV, 1V, 10V, 100V; signal or level generators.

  • Possibility of including programmable power supplies, multi-meters, AC/DC generators owned by third parties or by the client.

  • Suitable for managing power supply at 230Vac single/three-phase 50/60Hz with power from 300W to 10kW

  • Possibility to control electronic devices such as PLCs or other external devices through Modbus/TCP-IP.

  • Possibility of writing DLLs and integrating them into the test sequences

  • Possibility of inserting real or simulated loads